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libertineasylum's Journal

The Libertine Asylum
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The Libertine Asylum is society for the spread of fanciness, hedonism, indulgence and beauty. A new revolution is about to happen. One that leaves you feeling lovely and spent.

"All a lover's wish can reach, For thy joy my love shall teach; And for thy pleasure shall improve All that art can add to love."
~ John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester

The Libertine Asylum was started by three women, Samantha Rei, Heather Luca and Megan Bishop, in Minneapolis, MN in late 2008. Feeling a need for a collective with alternative and subculture fashion at heart, they started the organization to reach out to the unrepresented. The vision of the Libertine Asylum is to make resources and events available to designers who haven't carved out their corner of the fashion market, as well as to spread beauty, liberinism and elegance to the masses. The Libertine Asylum currently has five core members, on supporting member abroad and several affiliates, including Dances of Vice, Kajal Bellydance Co, and the Midnight Muse Revue.