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Cinchers for Fundraiser Sale!


Charlotte Cinchers for only $160? wha?

You heard me. $30 off their normal price of 190 (price when ordered with a zip or lace-up closure), to promote our upcoming event, Children of the Revolution!

email me today at to place your order. They will be ready in time to wear to the Revolution (Early November).

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Fundraising for the November Event - Extended

Good news! Although the original five slots in the Libertine Asylum fundraiser special have been filled, it has been extended by two slots! To make it even more awesome, whoever gets these two extra slots will have their photos taken by the amazingly talented Carla H of Fairshadow Photography! Fairshadow Photography is a frequent collaborator of both Photosynthetique and the Libertine Asylum, and you can find out more about Carla's work here: Fairshadow Photography

She's an incredible photographer and she's going one further by offering these two extended slots at a deep discount of just $40 for the same two hour special! So if you're not already committed to 1 of the initial 5 slots, this is your last chance to get portraits done at an unbelievable price. Contact me via email, phone or FB message, or contact Carla at I'll keep everyone updated as these slots fill up!

Thanks for the incredible level of interest, everyone!
Blasphemina - Pub Crawl Sexeh

SGMS FFB Fashion Show September 25th

SCHOOLGIRLS AND MOBILESUITS: CULTURE AND CREATION IN MANGA AND ANIME (SGMS)will be presenting fashion designers to showcase their designs in the 6th Annual Fresh Fruits Basket fashion show, at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design). SGMS is an academic conference dedicated to the understanding of manga and anime, which communicates with and presents the work of anime/manga artists, authors, publishers, and academics. SGMS’ audience is a diverse combination of anime and manga students, academics, and industry professionals.

SGMS is devoting the first night of the conference (Friday, September 25, 2009) to the exploration of connections between fashion/lifestyle and/or costume and anime and/or manga. A significant part of this evening is the runway fashion show—Fresh Fruits Basket fashion show. The mission of this fashion show is to visually explore the connections between anime/manga and fashion. Styles include Lolita, gothic Lolita, Steampunk, Kigurumi, Edwardian, deconstructed decadence and goth.

This year we will be offering up a contest! The FFB fashion show is looking to choose a [b]new name[/b]. All submissions must be in by the end of the show Friday and will be chosen by Sunday at the end of the conference.

The designers showing this year are as follows:


♥Carousel Cafe/Kittineko Studios
Irregular Pearl

Main Show:

Scoundrelle's Keep
Blasphemina's Closet
Megan Maude

Neither a convention nor a conference, SGMS has developed over time a casual and intimate interaction between audience members and speakers. The session combines the fun of cosplay, Otaku bazaars, fashion shows and anime screenings with the presentation and discussion of academic papers and the demonstration of artistic techniques, resulting in freewheeling discussions between guests and participants.

Register for entire SGMS event here:

Official website
Facebook event
W/IFS - We know

Get your deals here! Great for yourself or as a gift!


In order to make the deposit for our venue for the November event, we're going to be auctioning off OOAK pieces from the designers in the group. So behold:


The first up for bid are the following from Apatico (the items listed below are examples of what is up for bid, not the actual items. Each item will be custom for you):

>>2 crowns - $30 reserve


>>1 mini topper - $50 reserve


>>2 mini tricorns - $50 reserve

-$50 - $60

>>1 bonnet - $75 reserve


>>1 full size tricorn - $100 reserve


The way we're doing this is the reserve bid on each item must be at least the minimum. We'll post and adjust the prices on this page as bids are made. This auction will end September 10th.

Payment must be made by the 11th.

Shipping is free in the US, most countries outside the US will be $10. Inquire within if you're the winner.

Each piece will be made to the customers specifications (color, flower choices, etc) and will we finished and mailed out within 3-4 weeks.

Comments will be screened for privacy and the winners will be posted after the deadline!

For pictures of more of Apatico's hats, please click here.

This is an insane chance since is closed due to Megan moving to Seattle. This is pretty much the only chance you'll have to get one of her amazing custom hats.

Let the bidding begin! Tell your friends!

Postscript - Full prices of items when they are for sale on are as follows:

Crowns - $60
Mini-topper - $125
Mini-tricorn - $125
Bonnet - $125
Full Size Tricorn - $250